GDG New Delhi H-A-C-K 2012 - Code for a Cause

Posted on 13 Jun 2012
16 Jun 2012
India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road
New Delhi - 110003
16 Jun 2012, 20:30 - 17 Jun 2012, 22:10
India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
New Delhi - 110003
Google Developer Group, New Delhi (formerly known as GTUG New Delhi) is organizing a hackathon with the goal of bringing together developers, designers, start-ups & NGOs to apply their imagination and thoughts to the social good sector and build product ideas for social innovation.


Stop complaining, take a step and make a difference!!


HACK - Code for a Cause is a competitive hacking event with the goal of bringing together developers, designers, startups and NGOs to apply their talents to the social sector and build product ideas for social innovation. Education and health are the priority areas in the matter of social upliftment.

HACK provides an opportunity to the developers to apply their skills and extend a helping hand to the social sector. It is a great chance for the developers to build great apps that do good. HACK aims at promoting the usage of open source APIs including the Google APIs ( to create applications for a better world.

Can your app help to achieve the threshold literacy level? Can you educate the 290 million illiterates? Can it make education fun? Can your app help a woman in danger? Make her feel safe? Can your app help people know more about their health? Can it help them prevent diseases?

Think once!! .Help the world, Help yourself!! Take the first step, register yourself and let us know how you think it can make a difference.

Pick a theme for your app and get started ! We have compiled a list of ideas for your reference - here.


Step 1 - GOT AN IDEA?: Register your team & fill up your profile here. The registration fee for the competition is Rs.500 (team).

Step 2 - BOOT UP THE TEAM: Registered teams will recieve an email stating further instructions.Once the payment is made,you will receive your ticket and you should prepare your team.

Step 3 - BUILD YOUR HACK: The registered teams will be given 24 hrs to transform their idea into an app using open source APIs including the Google APIs (


Event Schedule


Day 1 - June 16, 2012

08:30-09:30             Registration

09:30-09:45             Opening

09:45-10:00             Keynote

10:00-10:45             Lightning Talk by Patrick Martinent

10:45-11:45             Panel Discussion b/w Mr Rajiv Khurana , Dr C.S.Arora,

                              Prof Sumit Chaudhuri, Prof Amit Goyal

11:45- 12:00            Tea and Coffee Break

12:00-02:00             Planning & Prototyping

02:00-03:00             Lunch + Networking

03:00-04:45             Coding

04:45-05:00             Closing Ceremony

05:00-05:30             Tea and Coffee


Day 2 - June 17, 2012

09:00-09:15             Opening

09-15-11:45             Coding

11:45-12:00             Tea and Coffee Break

12:00-02:00             Coding

02:00-02:30             Lunch + Networking

02:30-03:30             Coding & Testing

03:30-04:30             Prototype Presentation + Demos

04:30-05:00             Closing + Prize Distribution


Read Rules here:

Sponsors & Partners:


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